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Together We Maximize Your App Growth. Discover Now.

Your dedicated team with top expertise. High-impact services with focus
on your end-to-end app marketing requirements. 
ASO - App Store Optimization

Did you know that 65% of app downloads are made through direct searches on the Stores? Our team will help you grow the visibility of your app thanks to a winning ASO strategy that will boost your app to the top of the rankings.

Detailed market analysis & keyword enrichment.
Efficient meta optimizations with detailed recommendations.
100% proven improvement of your app’s ranking and conversion rate
Growth Consulting

We help you set short-, mid- and long-term mobile strategies to launch your app, define yours kpis, always attract more customers, applying a strong focus on optimizing ROAS.

Customized Launch and Scale Growth Strategies
Tech and Marketing Stack Audit
Growth Hacking Strategies
Conversion Funnel Optimization

Combining UI/UX expertise and A/B Testing methods, we help you maximize your in-app conversion and engagement rates, as well as users’ Life Time Value.”

UX Analysis
Onboarding flow optimization
Push notification, In-app message & email, content & scenarios
Performance Marketing

Our experts in paid advertising will help you accelerate your app growth on the most performing marketing channels and, thanks to an unique optimization technology, maximize your Return On Ad Spend.

Social Media Ads (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat)
Google & Apple Search Ads
In-app Premium Native Ads

Meet The Team. Masters In All Areas Of App Expertise

Let’s scale together!
Chloé Perrin
French | English

Hi there! I am an early days mobile expert (10+ years), experienced in apps & user acquisition through my different international experiences. Managing big Clients such as Amazon, King, and Deezer has led me to adopt a strong ROI-centric approach with a high level of Client service.

Now applying it with the Business Team of the different startups I co-founded :
Performance Marketing
Media Plans
Jean-Christophe (JC)
French | English | Spanish | Conversational Mandarin

Hi there! I’m JC, I have more than 7 years of experience in digital marketing industry and an ecommerce background, I also launched my own app and worked for the international leader of mobile attribution.

In love with mobile apps, my key talents are:
I have 12 years of experience in:
App launch
App growth
Funnel optimization
ROI / ROAS optimization
Cloé Dana
French | English

Hi there! I am a co-founder of four start-ups, all in the mobile industry. I am driven by innovation and Product Marketing that I believe is overlooked by too many companies. The perfect product/customer fit and customer experience is my number one focus to help my clients boost their revenues.

I have +8 years of experience in:
User Experience
Product Marketing
Marketing Automation
A/B Testing
Julie Harriau
French | English |

Hi there! I am a digital entrepreneur & marketer passionate about data, numbers and creative solutions to my client problems. For the past 10 years I’ve been working on assuring the best ROI results for a wide range of mobile marketing campaigns. Happy clients is the best driving force in my job

I’m happy to have seen many of them grow under my care those last 12 years.

Scale Consulting strategies
Performance Marketing
Data-driven campaigns
Ambre Le Sidaner
English | French | Spanish

Hi there! I am Amber, User Acquisition Helper ! With more than 7 years accomplishing my passion : the implementation of action plans from scratch to success.

French living in Madrid and supporting international clients. 
Performance Marketing
Display Ads
App Growth
Mahmoud Charaf
English | French | Arabic

Hi there! I’m Mahmoud, a user acquisition and Traffic Manager with 2 years of experience in digital marketing and over 9 years of experience as an influencer on social media: creating videos, animating communities, and social media analytics.

Social Media Ads

The Dreamers’ Success-Driven Methodology

The AARRR Framework

Our experts use the AARRR framework to understand your app’s users journey. The decision-making process for any optimization and recommendation for your app always considers these five metrics. With the AARRR method, our experts are able to determine how to best optimize your acquisition funnel and maximize your returns.

Acquisition=> How to get new users
Activation=> How to make them reach the “Aha moment”
Retention=> How to make them come back
Referral=> How to push them to recommend your app
Revenue=> How to generate revenues

Check What We Do. Results Always Speak Louder Than Words.

We love success stories.
Our Challenge: Give Recommendations To Better Face Competition on the Stores

Find out how Dreamin gave top recommendations to better face competition in the Stores, as well as gain visibility in the rankings, optimize conversion rate and thus its organic downloads amount.

Amazon Shopping
Our Challenge: Acquire New Users At Scale In A Fraud Free Environment Focusing On ROI

Discover the strategies Dreamin deployed to reach over 250K monthly downloads in North America working with an automated optimization tool to only target the most engaged users

Our Challenge: Support the app’s launch and deployment phases in London To Gain New Active Users

Dreamin worked on setting up all the necessary tools for Hoppout to track, monitor and analyze its future users. Combined with growth marketing actions with a city targeting in London.

Our Challenge: Acquire New Users While Increasing The Brand Awareness & International Reach

Discover how Dreamin launched a social and search UA winning-strategy displayed on 3 media to activate more than 20 different audiences with animated banners and interstitial formats.

We Are Different. Discover Our Hybrid Pricing Model.

Know what you are paying for. No fees model. Only added value work, delivered by experts and billed on a daily rate fee.
Detailed audit and strategy plan
Range of skills & expertise
Transparent Cost System
Internal Technology for ROAS maximization
Success-driven Team
Full-time employee
Traditional agency
Large & Contestable
Detailed audit and strategy plan
Range of skills & expertise
Transparent Cost System
Internal Technology for ROAS maximization
Success-driven Team
Large & High